Frequently Asked Questions

Click on one of our frequently asked questions for more information. If you have a query that isn't answered below, just give us a quick call.

Are all your drivers fully insured?

Yes. Our management team is exceptionally thorough, and carries out regular checks to ensure every driver's Hire and Reward insurance is up to date.

Are your fares based on a per-person charge?

No. Our fares are based on the number of cars provided for each booking.

Do you cater for disabled passengers?

Yes, all our drivers are able to provide any required assistance for disabled passengers.

Do you have any female drivers?

Yes. But we recommend that you book early to ensure that one is available.

How many passengers are allowed to travel in a 4-door saloon car?

Four (including children)

How much do you charge for the hire of a driver and vehicle for one day?

That would depend very much on your itinerary! Give us a call and discuss your travel plans with one of our controllers for more information.

I came to London two years ago and the cabs were not very clean! Are your vehicles clean, inside and out?

Then you didn't book with United Carriage! One of our basic requirements is that drivers clean their cars – both inside and out – at least twice a week.

My wife and I want to travel across the country. Can you provide transport for us?

Yes. We offer special rates for long distances. Just give us a call and discuss your itinerary with one of our controllers.

We are worried that we might be overcharged when we come to visit London. Are your prices guaranteed?

Yes. All our quotations are fixed prices.

We have two small children. Are we able to bring their pushchairs with us on the journey?

Absolutely! We are also able to supply child seats by prior arrangement (at a small charge).

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