UC, What I See

UC, What I See

In over 35 years of service, we've seen a lot – from briefcases of money left in the boot, to drivers having some spooky encounters in dark country lanes (look out for our Taxi Tales YouTube series coming soon!). Not only have we collected plenty of mileage, but also some obscure and interesting items. Here are some UC fun facts!

Amy Winehouse

The incredible Amy Winehouse was once a UC passenger!

£10,000 left

£10,000 is the largest sum of money that has been left in a UC cab (and returned!)

Phones left

Over 800 mobile phones are left in UC cabs every year.

Weddign Dress

A wedding dress was once left behind in one of our cabs, and never claimed again. Did the bride change her mind?!

100k cabs dispatched

Over 100,000 cabs are despatched by UC every year